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“It was the Martians who made contact, first via Nazca, then radio, and finally their advanced crystal drive starships. They brought technology and medicines and made late 19th Century Earth a vast melting pot of anachronisms. The aliens filled the streets of Earth’s metropolises and brought with them an understanding of the different races of the solar system that had for centuries eluded even the most learned of human scholars…”


Then came the Great Mutiny. Betrayed, the human League of Nations spent ten long years battling on Earth and Mars, earning its place amongst the Great Powers of the solar system.

Now, retribution. With the red soil of Mars under human occupation, the vast armies of the League turn their attentions to Venus.

On a planet where the sun rises in the west and sets in the east, where a single day lasts three months and where the air itself is too hot to breathe, Captain Gabriel Velterson must lead his men into battle against a terrifying alien enemy. But with a company made up of disgruntled conscripts and petty, incompetent officers, the Venusians may well be the least of his problems…

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