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Hadan’s Reach. To the kaygryn, a major federal nation of a few hundred million. To the UN, an irrelevant backwater garrisoned by a few platoons of bored troopers. 

As the UN and the Ascendancy thrash out the final terms of the largest and most controversial trade treaty in Tier Three history, intelligence agencies receive a tip-off from a murdered UN Marine: The Reach, far from an unassuming colonial outpost, is the nexus of an Ascendancy slavery ring. 

Elise Kudo, a freshly-minted counter-terrorism officer from EFFECT’s Electronic Warfare School, has her first assignment: shut down the ring before the word gets out and the UN is forced to withdraw from the deal. 

But she is about to discover just how lawless and isolated the vast jungles of the Reach can be...

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