"He'll Live" - Medevac of Pvt. Zaleska, 977th Kormandolt (Recon), Gresche

8 Jun 2019

The 977th Kormandolt (Recon) were tasked with force assessment of the temperate zone of Gresche (Sgmtm Ultima) after a Hive Fleet Behemoth splinter was reported in the region by sector patrol. After low-altitude assessment supported by the 560th Imperial fleet (Battlefleet Veiga), elements of the 977th performed ground-level force assessment across nine high-priority areas. Eight of the nine revealed grade 3 infestations, with the ninth area a grade 1 requiring immediate fighting withdrawal. During the four hour engagement, Pvt Zaleska lost a leg and an eye to a hormagaunt before being successfully evacuated to the INS Gorman





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