“The Long Patrol” – Deathwatch Master Bartholomew Claver performs a recoverability assessment of Gresche following tyranid infestation

22 Jul 2019

Deathwatch Master Bartholomew Claver arrived on Gresche following Operational Priority Transit (OPT) by the INS Blue Bolt to perform a recoverability assessment of the planet. Escorted by Imperial Guard specialists of the Long Range Patrol Group, 977th Kormandolt (Recon), Claver commenced a three day assessment of the spore fields of the northern midlatitudes to determine the viability of a ground campaign to purge the xenos from the planet. Despite over a hundred square kilometres of Gresche’s temperate zone now lost to grade 1 infestation, Claver recommended in his findings to Battlefleet Veiga’s commander officer, Lord Admiral Mathias Kant, that a ground-level offensive begin within the next twenty-four hours.





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