"Combined Arms" - Diorama / Leman Russ Proxy

1 Jul 2020

So a little while ago I made a jungle walker basilisk for my Imperial Guard army using Onager Dunecrawler legs. That left me with the top half of the Dunecrawler. Not wanting to waste a perfectly good model I set about making another Leman Russ proxy using a swamp base (courtesy of my friend Will's idea). 


For this base I used epoxy resin which is the first time I've used it in this quantity. I used Biel Tan green shade and Agrax Earthshade to tint it but as you can see these have separated out during the curing process to create what ultimately is quite a cool--but completely unintentional--marbling effect. The vegetation is just some bracken from a hobby shop and the base (not that you can see it) was just Tamiya diorama mud effect with a some Stirland Battlemire painted over the top to make it darker. 


Overall I am sort-of happy with the effect although the air bubbles near the very top are quite obvious and unsightly and sanding them with some very fine sandpaper seems only to have made them worse. I think the resin generally could do with a bit of polish and tidying up but I don't imagine I'll spend an age on it. Consider this model 95% finished. It's a shame because I thought that the jungle walker chassis itself was actually some of my best painting to date, but you live and learn. 


As for lore this model sits within my Imperial Guard / Blood Angels soup army so I thought it would be nice to include a Primaris Intercessor to make it a bit different and more interesting. The Blood Angel here has 9th Reserve Fire Support Company markings which fits with his role as artillery liaison. As to what he is saying? Will suggested "Over there you idiot!". 





PS - any tips on working with resin please do let me know, particularly when it comes to sanding and polishing. 




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