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(Diving into The Trials of Empire? Has it been a while since you read The Justice of Kings and The Tyranny of Faith? Here are detailed plot summaries of book 1 and book 2 to jog your memory).


(Reading on kindle? Here is an HD copy of the map. [Please note this is optimised for desktop browsers])

Sir Konrad Vonvalt is an Emperor's Justice - a feared lawman granted the combined powers of a detective, judge and executioner. His only purpose is to uphold the law in the Emperor's name, through any means necessary. To this end, Vonvalt travels the Empire, dispensing justice by way of his sharp intellect, magical powers and - when necessary - a strong sword arm.

Yet these are dangerous times, even for a Justice. The hinterlands are rife with rebels and heretics, while in the imperial capital a powerful alliance of patricians and templar knights seeks to overthrow the Order of the Magistratum and claim its arcane secrets for their own.

Vonvalt cares little for imperial politics. But when he investigates the murder of a provincial noblewoman, he uncovers a startling web of lies and deceit; and a conspiracy that might bring the Empire of the Wolf to its knees...

The Empire of the Wolf is an epic fantasy trilogy from Orbit Books. Book 1, The Justice of Kings, was released on 22 February 2022, and is available in hardback, trade paperback, audio and ebook editions from bookshops globally. The mass market paperback was released in August 2022. German, Spanish, Russian and Czech language editions are now available, with Turkish and Italian editions in development. Book 2, The Tyranny of Faith, was released on 14 February 2023, with foreign language editions to follow; Book 3, The Trials of Empire, was released on 6 February 2024. 







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