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For convention / festival / other paid and unpaid appearances specifically in Australia, please contact simone.corletto at hachette dot com dot au

For all other publicity enquiries please contact my Orbit publicist, nazia.khatun at littlebrown dot co dot uk

For rights / book cover blurbs / general enquiries please contact my agent, harry.illingworth at dhhliteraryagency dot com 

If you would like to reach me directly on a more informal basis (e.g. for blog / video interviews, etc.) you can do so at richardtheswan at gmail dot com. You can also find me on both Twitter (@Richard_S_Swan) and Instagram (@richardswanauthor) - the social media links above will take you directly there.

My Goodreads page is here.

Want to listen to my Empire of the Wolf Spotify playlist? Fill your boots

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