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Sova Heraldry


I have a limited number of copies of The Justice of Kings (English and Spanish), both hardbacks and paperbacks (Spanish edition is hardback only), available for sale. These can be stamped, signed, and otherwise customised per your instructions. 

I also have limited numbers of The Tyranny of Faith in hardback only. 

Please be aware that because of where I am located (Australia) postage is likely to be high. From experience, international shipping of these books is ~AUD$40 (around GBP£23 / USD$28 / EUR 28).  

  • The Justice of Kings Signed Hardback (inc. Spanish edition): £12.99 + postage

  • The Justice of Kings Signed Paperback: £8.99 + postage

  • The Tyranny of Faith Signed Hardback: £18:99 + postage 

For orders, please use the contact form below. 



SOVA heraldic bookplates are now available for purchase. These bookplates are 10cm x 7cm and are self-adhesive. Each bookplate comes signed & dated (year only). I can ship bookplates anywhere in the world for a flat £2.50 postage. Orders of multiple bookplates incur a single postage fee. 


  • SOVA heraldic bookplate (each): £5.00 + £2.50 postage 

Bookplate design (c) Hannah Elizabeth 

You can find Hannah on Twitter here:

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