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Children of the Empire: Quick Update #3

So the great knit-together is complete! the book currently stands at a healthy 70,000 words. I've a proofreader lined up for the next couple of days. The only thing currently left to do is finish writing all my tantalizing chapter quotes, like the ones you get on Medieval 2: Total War loading screens. Here's one hot off the press:

"It is remarkable how quickly a human will submit to hardship, how quickly the un-ordinary is allowed to become ordinary. How quickly people will say, “at least we are alive”, and that being alive is enough."

Coming up with these is always great fun and also provides a vehicle to fill the reader in on some of the developments of the 500 years since the events of Empire of the Fallen. It also just develops the universe generally and adds a bit of depth and context that wouldn't necessarily fit anywhere in the narrative.

Anyway, another few days and its off to the proofreader. In the meantime, I've got to start lining up some cover art!



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