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Hadan's Reach: Progress Update and Sabbatical

The writing continues apace! I'm actually very pleased with progress. I've just tipped 45,000 words. I'd originally anticipated finishing the story in 70,000 words, but I've revised this up to 80,000. According to my writing tracker, this puts my estimated completion date at the end of January 2018 - but do not be disheartened: that's based on daily word target I deliberately low-balled at 500, and I'm currently a full month ahead in terms of progress. In reality I expect to finish the first draft in early December. I'll post another sample soon.

After Hadan's Reach I'll be taking an indefinite break from my "UN-iverse" (although I hate having only 2 VIPER novellas--that's begging to become an omnibus) to focus on some other projects for a bit. The world of self-publishing can be a harsh mistress, and while I love being in full control of my books from start to finish, it is a significant time and money investment for what can be (though not always) a fairly limited return. I also want to write some shorter fiction and get some of the zillions of ideas I have out of my brain, as well as some non-sci-fi stuff.

I'll still post updates on here to keep anyone who is interested abreast of my writerly comings and goings. And knowing myself as I do, it's unlikely I'll be able to stay away from the Art of War Trilogy's expanded universe for long!



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