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Nearly there...

I have finished the main body of the first draft of Hadan's Reach, with only the epilogue to go. Currently on about 75,000 words, with another 4-5k for the epilogue. Then I'll take a break from it, try and corral some friends into beta-reading, then savage it to pieces over the course of December.

After Hadan's Reach I'll be taking a break from my UN-iverse and self-publishing generally for a while, and concentrating on improving my writing generally. I want to spend some time on the craft of writing, and in order to do that I need to do some reading around the and some experimental exercises. There are also some other projects I want to pick up in different genres, and I might even try my hand in (gasp) traditional publishing....

Reading-wise, I've just finished Station Eleven by Emily St John Mandel, which is a very human look at a post-pandemic world, and which I cannot recommend highly enough. I am now on the much pulpier Gun Machine by Warren Ellis, which is a page-turner if there ever was one. Both recommendations came from my good friend George Lockett, so props to him. Reviews to follow.

As ever I'll keep posting progress updates, so stay tuned.


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