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Drive to 10,000 - Book Giveaway

I've had over 9,000 downloads of the novels and novellas in my UN oeuvre, and I really want to get to 10,000; so, from now until I hit that milestone, all my books are going free. Importantly, because Amazon doesn't let us release books for free anymore (unless they do it automatically through price match), you'll have to grab them from Smashwords or Smashwords-channeled outlets (which is almost everything, from ibooks to Kobo). Or simply navigate to the book's page on here, stone temple library, follow the link to Smashwords, and download it there, in any format.

If you do grab a free copy, please considering leaving a review. These reviews are the lifeblood of independent authors (which is why we all bang on about them constantly) as they increase visibility in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

Thanks all and happy reading!


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