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Where have I been?

In the time-honoured tradition of blogs everywhere, I've let this fall by the wayside. This is because whilst I have been working on a novel, it's not one that I plan to self-publish.

I have enjoyed self publishing and all the perks that go with it, like complete creative freedom and coming up with my own book covers (the idea, not the actual artwork - that I leave to the pros). However the allure of having a book "properly" published remains one of my life's few goals and I'd like to give it a bloody good go.

Consequently, I've not really been able to add extracts to the Stone Temple Library due to the one-in-a-trillion chance that someone picks it up. However, I can of course say that it is a medieval fantasy called "Emperor's Justice", and is basically a medieval Judge Dredd police procedural / courtroom drama with some heavy political / religious upheaval happening in the background.

I'm currently sending the book out to agents to see if anyone is interested so in the meantime I am going to get cracking on my next book. The usual paralysis has already set in; I have a large roster of ideas each vying for 6 months-1 year of my brainspace and the book I had planned to write, a really gnarly space opera about a former space fighter pilot turned diplomat on a planet ravaged by a genetically engineered virus, has lost some of its appeal to me. I think I spent too much time planning it.

I have an old cyberpunk novel on the stocks which is about 10k words done - feeling like I might pick that one back up and run with it for a little while. But at this point I really don't know.



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