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Empire of the Wolf: Progress Update 20/07

The Justice of Kings

This will be available in mass-market paperback in late August, for those of you who cannot abide the hardbacks or the big floppy trade paperbacks which are very popular here in Australia and New Zealand. Nothing more to report on this one except that the option (as in, the film and tv rights) which was purchased 18 months ago, is up for renewal this month. Some cool and interesting things happening in that sphere, but I'm not holding my breath (and nor should you).

The Tyranny of Faith

Empire of the Wolf 2 officially has a title! The Tyranny of Faith came back from the proof-reader on Monday and I have until 3 August to have one last run through it, which will be my last chance to make any (extremely) minor amendments. From that point on it is completely locked down for typesetting, and I should imagine the first proofs/ARCs will be shipping out about a month or two later (don’t quote me on that though, that’s a timescale I have basically made up).

I am extremely happy with The Tyranny of Faith; I really can’t wait to get it into the hands of readers. The current release date is slated for early February 2023.

Empire of the Wolf 3

This definitely does not have a title and won’t for some time. However, the first draft progresses very well. As of this morning I broke 120,000 words; I am really getting the words in now, and I expect to complete the first draft by the end of August. I'm not contractually obliged to turn it in until 1 March 2023, but the reality is it'll be done and dusted well before then.

A Reputation for Prudence – Grimdark Magazine issue 31

I have a short story about the exploits of Sir Konrad Vonvalt, which is set ten years before the events of the Justice of Kings, in the latest issue of GDM. I think it’s a really cool little short story and it is chock-full of Easter eggs for books 2 and 3 in the Empire of the Wolf Trilogy. There's some other really cool stuff in that magazine as well, including other short fiction and articles— well worth the couple of quid it costs. You can download a copy here:

Nothing else worth reporting on, so I'll leave it there for now.



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