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Empire of the Wolf Update 30/10/22

Time for a monthly update methinks.

The Justice of Kings

Nothing to report on this; it continues to be available for sale in multiple formats in multiple countries in multiple outlets. Neat!

The Tyranny of Faith

The cover has been revealed!

The inimitable Petrik Leo was tasked with the official reveal of this one (and you can find his post over here on Novel Notions:

This is an exquisite, stunning piece (as we’ve all come to expect) from Martina Fačková. I’m so thrilled with it. I think she’s captured Helena perfectly (note the detail of the shaved side of the head after the wound she suffered in Galen’s Vale). Plus the spooky pagan demon has such a wonderful, dark, satanic feel to it.

TToF will be released in hardcover on 14 February 2023. It'll be going up on Netgalley a few months in advance of this (and some lucky reviewers will be shipped early finished hardcovers as well).

TToF can be pre-ordered in a great many places. Pre-orders help authors gigantically so if you are planning on purchasing the book at some point please consider pre-ordering it. Here are some links to the larger chains, but please always support your local independent bookstore wherever you can:

Please note that each Hachette site provides links to other stores (B&N, iBooks, etc.)

I have some interviews and readings in the coming weeks and months which I’ll be sure to link here.

Empire of the Wolf Book 3

I finished my first pass edit of this a week or so ago, which incorporated the feedback of my (in this case, solitary- thanks, George) beta reader. This has now gone in to my editor for the formal editorial review, though thanks to his/their general overbookedness, won’t be looked at until January 2023. Still, it’s not due to be released until Feb 2024, so we have a bit of time…

I really like where this one came out. There’s a lot of fighting in this one, as we’d expect from the culmination of a trilogy, and so I was at pains to temper that with a good amount of philosophical ruminations. That’s right: I am going to teach you jurisprudence whether you like it or not. Lots of afterlife stuff here too, more than books 1 and 2 combined. Plus we also get to visit the Kasar Kyarai (that’s the land of the wolfmen) for a good 5 or 6 chapters.

No idea how this will fare in the editorial process, nor will I find out until probably Feb.

Convention appearances

For those of you Australia based, I’ll be in the Literary Legends booth at Supanova Brisbane (5-6 November) and Adelaide (12-13 November). I’ll be selling, signing and panelling on both days of both weekends so if you’re about come and say hello!

I am also planning on attending one convention in the States next year (successful guest application pending) and I will also be at Worldcon in Glasgow 2024. So lots of opportunities to meet coming up!

Other Writing Projects

Working on a couple of things at the moment whilst book 3 is away for edits. The first is a potential follow on trilogy to Empire of the Wolf set several hundred years later and I am deep, deep, DEEP into updating the map for that, which has just been so much fun (I would post my progress but the spoilers for EOTW would be insane). Flintlock fantasy with a Last of the Mohicans vibe. I’m reading a lot around Georgian England and the Seven Years War (or the French and Indian War) as research. This has already been pitched to Orbit but it's much to early to be looking at a deal so this is unlikely to progress beyond the planning stage for the time being.

The other project is a non-SFF novel, a contemporary crime novel set in Sydney which I’m hoping to punch out in the next 2-3 months before book 3 edits come back.

Nothing else on the roster at the moment.

That's all for October! I'll check in next month.



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