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Tyranny of Faith Character Art

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

For those of you who have not seen, I've been busy commissioning a few pieces of character art for some of the more notable minor characters in The Tyranny of Faith. First up, Severina von Osterlen, the Margrave of Sudenburg and the commander of the Templar Order of Saxan Knights:

Severina is first introduced in chapter 19. Here's a little snippet!

“Helena, your dog is eating a hand,” Sir Radomir said.
I whirled around in horror, to see Heinrich chewing on a severed human hand, toying with it as though it were a dried pig’s ear.
“Heinrich!” I shouted, appalled, whilst behind me Bressinger and Sir Radomir laughed.
“’Tis in its nature,” a voice called out from the crater. I turned back, watching as one of the knights, who had spent a great deal of time examining the damage to the foundations of the wall, now climbed out and approached us. Her surcoat was filthy from the freshly-turned red soil, and her face was sooty and blood flecked. She accepted her sword back from another Templar standing at the side of the crater, and buckled it about her waist. “From the Hall of Solitude to Südenburg. Your hound has come a long way.” She nodded to Vonvalt. “Justice.”
She had the look of a Saeka about her, as many Estrans did, and but for an invisible border dividing the southern Empire from the Frontier, she could have been a native herself. It was all the more bizarre that her lordly title, ‘Severina of Osterlen’, marked her out as being a noble of the Hauner city of Osterlen—though as I would discover later, it was ceremonial.
“Margrave,” Vonvalt said. “Have you been forewarned of my arrival?”
She nodded once. “I received a note from a mutual friend. I can spare you some time now, more this evening —”
And then she stopped abruptly as Vonvalt collapsed to the floor.

This piece was done by Hanna Elizabeth and you can find her Twitter profile here: @HannalahB

More to come!



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