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Tyranny of Faith Paperback Release Week Roundup (10/08/23)

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Hullo all

This week the Tyranny of Faith was released in paperback (Tuesday in the USA, Thursday in the UK). Here's a roundup of all the excitement - interviews, art, music - as well as a few things to look out for in the coming days and weeks. Are you ready to return to the Empire of the Wolf?

Purchase links

First things first, here's where you can actually buy the damn thing (as usual, support your local indie bookshops!):




Two Lit Chicks

I had the great pleasure of talking with Ed and Julia about a huge range of things on the Two Lit Chicks podcast in June. Not one, not two, but three bites of the cherry:

FanFiAddict Interview

I also had the great pleasure of catching up with Ed AGAIN on Wednesday; a much more focused written interview about the Tyranny of Faith and upcoming projects. Catch it here:

Justice of Kings Plot Summary

For those of you with short memories, here is a detailed summary of the plot of the Justice of Kings ahead of your read of the Tyranny of Faith:

Justice of Kings Music

For those of you who like a slice of epic music with your reading experience, check out Will Musser's exquisitely cool compositions here:

Tyranny of Faith Artworks

About to dive headfirst into Sova, and the Frontier beyond? Terrible at visualising characters? Hannah Elizabeth has you covered:

Severina von Osterlen, Margrave of Sudenburg

Sir Gerold Bertillo, Sheriff of Sova

Heinrich, one of the Emperor's Sovan War Shepherds (and very good boy)

And let's not forget this eldritch horror. No spoilers, read the book and find out:

Signed copies

I will be adding the option to buy signed copies of the Tyranny of Faith paperback to the shop on my website shortly. There are also limited numbers of hardbacks (extremely limited in the case of the Justice of Kings) available so get them before they're gone.



I hope to be able to discuss exciting news about plans following the Empire of the Wolf trilogy in the coming weeks!

That's all for now.



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