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Earth Remembers!

I never really did a proper announcement for the (Amazon Kindle) release of Earth Remembers. Sadly, writing about WW2 in spaaaace where the enemies are giant alien slugs is not my full time job (or even a job at all); I’ve in fact been tremendously busy over the past week or so, and will continue to be busy for the next few weeks. In short, I haven’t really built up the colossal fanfare that all book releases deserve.

So: Earth Remembers is out! (on Kindle). Smashwords and all its associated formats (i.e. every other eBook provider that isn’t Kindle) always takes a little longer because they’re more awkward and prescriptive about formatting. But rest assured, those users of Kobo etc., it is coming your way.

Earth Remembers represents something of a departure from my usual fare in that it is conceptually insane (Martians come to Earth; bring tech; Earth is accelerated technologically but no socially; great Martian betrayal; interplanetary war ensures which is essentially WW2 in spaaaace). The reality is I’ve always wanted my own long running military sci fi series, but for me it has to have the right ingredients. The difficulty with writing about mil sci fi the way the future is actually going, it will be so hi-tech that it probably won’t even involve people at all, so we lose that image of the soldier weighed down with kit fighting the good fight over a blasted earth. I have therefore contrived to have a set up whereby the technology level is sufficient that people can get from planet to planet, so we have the nice sci-fi element, but also that their technology is actually still pretty rudimentary—i.e. basic body armour and rifles. This means I also get to write about divisions, brigades, platoons of men, fighting and manouvring, which is consistent with the in-universe levels of technology.

Gaunt’s Ghosts and other WH40K books have been a big inspiration in this regard. I started reading GG when I was in my early teens and 14 books later I still love them. My plan is to have my own 14 book series, or more! I highly recommend Dan Abnett if you've not read them.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy and of course do get in touch in the usual way with any thoughts etc. As I say, paperbacks and other formats to follow shortly.

Thanks all!


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